Tamiya Japan – F103RM Limited Edition




Available : Mar 22, 2008.

Sharp running of direct drive charm

The motor pinion drives the SPAR gear directly, and Sou is an assembly kit of the electric RC car that can be enjoyed. Sharp only of Riya direct driveChassis composition in which upper deck of half type is combined with Rowadekki made of FRP. As for right and left independence of the kingpin coil spring type and Riya, doing the bar made of FRP T controls becoming with the friction plate and the coil spring in the reception desk. Composition that 7.2V battery for running installs 540 type motor in height adjustment type gear case, and applies load to rear wheel that installs in Riya inclined to it and becomes drive wheel. Moreover, the steering wheel servo is done in the headstand mount, and a right and left Thai rod is made equal length. The steering wheel characteristic without the peculiarity is invented. Can it be easy to assemble with a simple composition, and enjoy running with a light body for Sou and ..Sharp.. a long time. Body made of polycarbonate and with the back and forth wing.

Main Equip Parts :

  • FRP make half double deck
  • FRP make T bar
  • ball diff.
  • formula lightweight diff. joint
  • formula height adjustment body
  • formula rear suspension ball mount
  • front and back sponge tire
  • full bearing specification
  • 540 type motor attachments

The coil spring was equipped in the king pin of upright, front suspension of left and right independence type. As for the tire being lightweight, the sponge type which is superior in grip power.


Controlling the FRP make T bar present appearance with the friction damper and the coil spring. The smooth roll whose abnormal play is little by the fact that the ball it mounts the T bar is produced.


As for body height adjustment type. In addition, standard equipping the lightweight diff. joint, it actualizes sharp startup acceleration with the light weight conversion of the rotary part.

Specifications :

  • – Chassis length 330mm (wing less)
  • – chassis width 200mm
  • – tread F: 170mm R: 160mm
  • – Motor =540 type
  • – drive system = rear wheel direct drive
  • – diff. gear = ball diff.
  • – steering wheel tie rod = isometric 2 divisions
  • – suspension = front king pin coil independence, rear T bar rigidity
  • – gear ratio =3.7: 1
  • – Tire width/diameter: Front 30/60mm rear 40/64mm
  • – controller =ESC specification

Source : Tamiya

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