Tamiya Japan – XB Mini Cooper S 2006



Cute Form and Hot Running

It is RC completion and electric car that reproduced top model and Cooper S who installs the direct-injection turbocharged engine in the mini that received restyling in 2006. The modeled body is by any standard made of the polycarbonate to enough actually feeling as for a mini and an understanding unique form. The air intake and Riyaspoirar of the bonnet produce fortitude. Moreover, the height of the scale feeling in which the door mirror is reproduced is a charm. 60D eight radial tires to which the tread pattern is sculptured are set in the spoke wheel, and one’s feet is tightened.

Front-wheel drive chassis

The chassis adopted M-03L that installed the motor in the reception desk and drove the front wheel to a real similar car. The frame that becomes the frame of the chassis is a monocoque made of the resin type that it is light, slim, and strength is enough. A light running is invented with double wishbone four-wheel independent suspension. Moreover, a right and left weight balance is optimized, the steering wheel servo is set in the centerline of the body, and a Thai rod is made equal length. There is no peculiarity and the control characteristic that treats easily is demonstrated. Of course, body has assembled, and is transmitter of wheel type, battery for running, and is addition charger. It can enjoy a hot running that makes the best use of a compact size and a light body composition at once.

Specification :

– Total length 353mm
– full-width 169mm
– total height 133mm
– also tread FR 138mm
– tire width/diameter = FR 25/59mm
– frame = monocoque type
– drive system = nosewheel drive
– diff. gear = 3 bevels
– steering wheel = isometric 2 divided tie rod systems
– suspension = 4 wheel double wishbone
– also damper = front and back friction
– gear ratio = 5.8: 1
– The motor = RS540 type motor it is attached,
– the speed controller = Tamiya TEU-101BK attachment & power source for the transmitter (8 single type 3 electric batteries) the difference sale

Source : Tamiya

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