FF R/C Concepts FF ’07 1/12th Scale Pan Car

FF R/C Concepts FF ’07 1/12th Scale Pan Car appearsat ROAR Carpet On Road National Race, photo by RC Car Action.


The front suspension arm brace helps keep the front end flex free to let the suspension do its work.


The back pod brace not only looks awesome, but its functional too. It keeps the motor pod stiff, protects the rear axle from impact, and there is no mistaking its an FF ’07.



One of the unique features of this car is the “tuning fork”/t-bar assembly. The t-bar pivots freely side to side, while the tuning fork flexes instead. Moving the tweak screws forward or back is equivalent switching to a thinner or thicker t-bar. The tuning fork has four holes, but flipping it gives you a total of 8 possible tuning adjustments.


The front bumper piece is separate from the main chassis and attaches with three screws. This bumper system helps dissipate a crash impact more evenly so that the main chassis doesn’t absorb it all and split the graphite.


The rear motor pod has plenty of room to fit any brushed or brushless motor. The holes for the rear axle bearing carriers are lower; FF R/C Concepts claims you can get approx 8mm right height even with just rims. This is helpful when you’re trying to run the lowest profile foam tires and not have to worry about being lower than legal ride height.

Source : RC Car Action

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