Tamiya Japan – TRF416 Dominate ETS Round 2


Is it 14 Denmark Bare in March. Jilles Groskamp of TRF (Tamiya Racing  Factory) used TRF416 in “Euro Touring Series” Round2 held until the 16th, and in victory and 2 rank the Marc Rheinard, the Viktor Wilck and the TRF member monopolized the commendation stand in 3 rank! !


“Euro Touring Series” that started last October is RC race only in Europe where the fifth total round is done while the fight in one place after another of four countries (Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Austria). A lot of works drivers of each manufacturer also enter from the fight in the track where outdoor and a complete character are different the war in an indoor carpet and summer, and, every time, a high race at the level is developed in winter.Source : Tamiya

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