2008 ROAR Carpet On-Road Nationals Video

A1 – Touring Modified
TQ – Paul LeMieux XRAY
Winner – Paul LeMieux

XRAY’s Paul LeMieux would take the lead from the sound of the tone to try to run away with it. Not going down with out a fight, teammate Barry Baker would make LeMieux work for the win. A similar battle was brewing for the third spot with Corally teammates Chris Tosolini and Mike Dumas; Dumas would win that battle(2:40 minutes into the video clip thru 3:50). LeMieux would take the A1 win, and Baker would take second.

[youtube x0QsRC2oUvw]

A1 – 1/12th Scale Modified
TQ – Mike Dumas Speed Merchant
Winner – Mike Dumas

This race was a close one! Speed Merchant’s Mike Dumas jumped out to the early lead and started to check out. Meanwhile further back, the battle for second turned into a freight train. CEFX’s Josh Cyrul would be the one to make the charge to come after Dumas. Laying down faster lap times, Cyrul had a few bobbles that kept him from making a move on Dumas. Dumas took the A1 win, Cyrul second, and Paul Ciccarello third.

[youtube eoJ1wKAoyps]

A2 – Touring Modified
Winner Paul LeMieux XRAY

It was no surprise to see Paul LeMieux take the early lead. It was close for a few laps as Baker again challenged Paul. Chris Tosolini was in the mix right behind Baker, but midway through the main, his car broke and he had to pull it off the track. LeMieux would cruise in for the A2 win and taking the overall win in the Modified Sedan Class. Barry Baker would take second and XRAY’s Ralph Burch would take third place.

[youtube aIJVY4SQpLs]

A2 – 1/12th Scale Modified
Winner – Paul Ciccarello Corally SP12X
At the tone, disaster in the first turn for Mike Dumas when there was a huge pile up knocking him to the back of the pack. Capitalizing from this mishap would be Sp12X’s Paul Ciccarello giving it everything he’s got to keep that lead. Proving why he was TQ, Dumas would come from the back of the pack to make a would be come back. Unfortunately time would run out and Ciccarello would take the A2 win. Dumas would take second, and Cyrul would round out the top three.

[youtube bSTWN03GRcI]

A3 Touring Modified
Winner – Mike Dumas Corally

For the last main of Mod Sedan, Paul LeMieux had already won the first two mains, so he opted to sit the last main out. Barry Baker had two 2nd place finishes, so he had a strong hold on the 2nd overall finish. With third place up for grabs, there were a few racers that could take it. At the tone, 2nd qualifier would be put hard into the wall in the first turn would break 3 laps later. Three other cars would wreck out of the race. Coming out of all the mess, Dumas would capture the lead and held it until the end for the A3 win, and 3rd place overall podium finish. Associated’s Keven Hebert would finish second with his TC5, and Serpent’s Billy Easton would round out the top three with his S400.

[youtube zy_9LIJ38ms]

A3 – 1/12th Scale Modified
Winner – Mike Dumas Speed Merchant

With no clear winner after two of the three triple A-mains, it would come down to the third main throw down. Jumping out once again to the early lead would be Dumas followed in tow by Paul Ciccarello. Midway through the 8-minute main, Ciccarello would make the pass for the lead and there would be a couple lead changes. Waiting for them to make a mistake, Josh Cyrul ran patiently in the third position. Dumas would eventually regain the lead to take the A3 win, and the overall win. Cyrul would also make the pass on Ciccarello to take second and Ciccarello settled for third.

[youtube EbyNsDP6vmk]

Source : RC Car Action

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