Teemu reports TITC08


We did arrive to the track saturday week before the race as WC will be on same track to get some extra track time and testing. I never had been at RCS track before, but I’ve heard only good rumors from it. First thing when we arrive I notice that there was plenty of pit space and there was also hobby shop at the track so that was nice. There was pretty much all what RC track could have, big pit area, hobby shop, toilets, food and drinks (also nice restaurant 50m away from track thanks Jarb:-) and also super nice track with lots of traction.


We had free practice from saturday to thursday. Each day there was more and more drivers on the track and last two days there was like 250-300 drivers practicing. Practice was separated 30min stock/19t and 30min MOD. Driverstand was big and there was like 18-20 drivers same time at the track so it was very difficult to make clean runs out there. In practice many people were fast and its always hard to compair drivers in practice as everybody is testing different set ups.

Friday was first day with two rounds practice and last one was for resorting heats and you need to use your race tires on that one what you had 3 sets. In timed practice it was Viktor Wilck who set the fastest time. The we had one qualf round on evening and track cool down and everybody went a lot faster as usually outdoors. I set TQ in that run front of Andy Moore and Viktor.

Saturday was 3 more rounds qualif and sunday morning one. After all rounds I had TQ Atsushi Hara was second and Ronald Völker was third on the grid.

Finals were on really hot conditions, but we did see any blow outs in A-finals even when track was 60C and air was about 37C. I got two clean runs in first two mains and was able to take win from those and overall win as well. Third main was won by Andy.

Muchmore items at the race what I use

24A Power supply
Cell Master Charger
D2 Discharger
CTX Tire warmers
Power truer for tire
True weight(Weight scale)

written by Teemu Leino(MuchMore International team driver)

Source : Much More

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