X Factory – X-60 Spy Shot


Source from Team Novi Translation :

spy shot (??) was obtained from correspondent (?) who goes to Cactas

It is X-60 of X FACTORY. I hear that the body was producing a special body with J CONCEPTS for the GP track now. Be to released sooner or later.
However, the name of the track specification of X-6 might be X-60 etc. why. (mystery)


The lipo battery attracts the eye. Lipo being it is light by comparison with 4-2 weight balance there is no problem, don’t you think? it is probably will be. But when the straight pack is done horizontal ranging, it is visible enormously in the normal car, (laughing)


Pasting seeming still homemade and long making of the main chassis additionally wheelbase. It sees it around here like professional Tomo Dell.


The board of the carbon : to the side. Is it reinforcement of the joint part?


The transmission of course 4 gears. As for suspension arm the kana for T4?


When  rear damper stay thought cutting out from the carbon etc. , what.. surface was sticker Coma.

X-60 to advance to main A to drive of player Brian Kinwald in modification track class of Cactas Classic.

Source : Team Novi 

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