It runs by installing of a lot of new option parts that feed back only certain information piled up in the actual combat of a series latest model of “Cyclonic TC” that wears further strength to the body and were born, and all durability, the setting, dimensions raise the level greatly. Moreover, a high cost performance was achieved by a new price in which it created a stir in making of not only pursuit on the performance side but also the competition touring high-priced.



Main chassis – It is the main chassis of the possible new design as for installing the battery made
of the resin tray of new establishment.


Upper bulk head – A further strength improvement is achieved by the shape change. The trouble when falling is prevented beforehand.


Length adjustment is possible easily with the wrench by modifying the method of installing the stabilizer of stubby holder suspension arm side.


Shock installation position it is smaller by the fact that the suspension arm suspension arm is made reversible type setting possibility.


Middle chassis material from carbon graphite make in FRP make modification. It increases the chassis roll positively and traction efficiency improves.


Pin lock type Front one way – It is possible to change to spool ⇔ one way speedily only by adopting the pin lock type for the one way, and detaching the pin.


The professional specifications ball diff. diff. ring, by the fact that to large diameter it converts the diff. ball smooth with actualizing long life. Also durability improves with 2.6mm titanium coat diff. screw adoption.


Driving System
Front :Pin lock type Front one way
Rear: Professional specification Ball Diff. Center : Direct 18T pulley

suspension arm: Reversible type
damper: Aluminum energy crises
shock stay: Low height shock stay (3.6mm)

lower deck: 2.5mm graphite (battery tray)
upper deck: 2mm graphite (ATC installation possible)
middle deck: 2mmFRP

In addition
strengthening type upper bulkhead
new model stubby holder
steel turn buckle

1/10 scale belt drive 4WD touring “CYCLONE TC” leading Spec
total length: 365mm
full-width: 190mm
wheel base: 256 – 259mm
gross weight : approximately 1450g

Source : HPI Japan

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