Parma PSE – 1/18 Speed 8 HD Clear Body for Scalpel


We’ve taken the race proven design of our World and National Champion 1/12 Speed 8 body and scaled it down for the 1/18 Scalpel Pan Cars. It is designed to fit both 4 and extended 6 cell chassis. Not only does it make the car look like a performance race machine, it handles like a dream. The new Mini Speed 8 HD (High Down Force) helps plant the car while screaming down the straights and provides maximum down force for much faster and stable handling at top speed. The car stays planted and doesn’t want to float at high speeds with this body. It also has improved the cars entry and cornering speeds. It is also more rigid during impacts. It will improve your lap times immediatelly and make this class of racing very competitive. Clear .020 body includes EASY-PEEL clear body film and vinyl window paint masks, including masks for the headlights, as shown. A special thanks to Micro-Man for track testing and development! Available 3/19/08


Source : Parma PSE 

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