Story of HB Moore-Speed Reynard 02S Lightweight Body


Story by Murai from Team HB of the 66831LW EU Moore-speed Reynard 02S 1/12th Scale Lightweight Body.

This body is involved in development of world champion Andy Moore player of Team HB, and a body for the race that achieves the highest cornering performance and a top speed. A strange road holding performance beyond all corners is demonstrated, and it is possible to end.



As for this body entire down fourth in spite, does not have Peculiarity the quality which is feature even in forcing


With the form which makes the grip the front, it bends well.


There are no times when top speed is spoiled with the rear wing form which consists of the exquisite line, they guarantee the rear grip which will be been secure.

Especially, with short course and grip insufficient course it utilizes preeminent revolving efficiency, time rise is possible simply. By all means trial that!

Team HB Murai

Source : Team HB Cyclone 12 BLOG

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