Tamiya Japan – 3-Axle Reefer Semi-Trailer



Available Mar 28, 2008

In Europe long 3 axial semitrailer of main current

It is the assembly kit of the reefer semitrailer of 3 axial 6 wheel type which equips frozen unit in the front part. As for the carrier panel using the aluminum make L letter material for the corner frame with the ABS resin make whose strength is high. It can open and close the tail gate in addition to the completion whose reality is high. In the aluminum make side frame as much as 3 axial suspension of the triple spring which arranges the leaf spring parallel combining the resin make cross member, real the completion. Equipping the actual car similar housing under the chassis, you received the tire stop in. Connecting with the RC trailer head, please can send the dignity boldly form comfortably.


Reefer unit
The reefer unit of the compressor for a large-scale freezing and refrigeration is reproduced in front of the trailer. A large-scale sticker for marking was set.


Storage box
It equips it with the storage box of a real similar car. Bundled a tire stop can be put, and the battery box and the switch of auto support legs of the option parts be stored.


Reproducing the actual car similar tire holder to the rear bumper and the spare tire body rear section. The tire of selling separately can be set. In addition, in rear bumper LED of semitrailer write set of selling separately installed possibility.


As for 3 axial suspension – 3 axles, the respective metal make leaf spring and the friction damper, mechanical it supports with the suspension arm the completion.


Three axis suspension

The metallic reef spring is set in the equalizer of a real similar car. It applies load to three axes evenly, and delicate movement is invented.


Single tire
A single tire of the main current is reproduced in Europe in the round. A wide size compared with the double tire that the United States trailer uses.


– Total length 983mm when completing – full-width 187mm – total height 310mm




Source : Tamiya Japan

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