Team Azarashi – AZARASHI Wing Light Tint Color



Item# AZ-0001S
AZ-0001S  AZARASHI Wing Light Tint Color
1 Straight type and 1 Round type included

Limited production model

The AZARASHI Wing, enjoining favorable reputation for its good style
and high downforce, now has a new color variation: Light Tint.
Without painting works, you can get tint color wings, which is getting more
and more popular in these days.

  • Made from t1.0 lexan
  • 1 straight type and 1 round type are included
  • Screws, pins, or stickers for the application are not included

(The picture on the web site is a straight type,
You can see a round type by pointing the picture.)

Source : Team Azarashi

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