Tamiya Japan – XB TamTech-Gear Lamborghini Countach LP500S




Available Mar 29, 2008

Evolution version of the super car which can surprise the world

Lamborghini Countach where prototype is announced by the Geneva show 1971, can surprise the automobile fan in the world. The future style of wedge Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, europe of course the midship mounted V type 12 cylinder DOHC engine in vertical ranging, furthermore the transmission, you call the clutch and the engine from before, usually the mechanism which adopts the power train arrangement of front and back opposite attracted big attention. As for first mass production type and LP400 debutting 1974. After that, passing LP400S of improved, the fact that it has become the 3rd generation model is LP500S. LP500S which appears in the Geneva show 1982 has the front spoiler and the over fender front and back same as LP400S, prepares also the rear wing with option. The engine aerodynamic volume displacement from 3929cc was expanded by 4754cc, detail of the internal equipment was refined. Lamborghini Countach LP500S and that high performance where approximately 320 units are produced by 1985 it can enjoy running with ease with TamTech Gear.




The reality body and 2 wheel drive chassis, the completion model which can be played directly

The chassis the lightweight ï½¥ is low center of gravity the constitution where the rigidity which combines the roll cage to the semi monocoque frame is high. As for suspension 4 wheel double wishbone. Especially, the front the damper adopting the inboard type which mounts horizontally in lengthwise, it reproduced the low nose. High efficiency the rear wheel 2 wheel drive which loads 370 type motors onto the rear. The ball diff. which shows the traction which is superior, the slipper which protects the gear from the shock of 10001 – the clutch standard equipment. Furthermore, in addition to full bearing specification, the drive system whose loss is little was actualized e.g., the universal shaft is used. Of course, the unique forum of wedge Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers, europe with polycarbonate model to real. The completion where the body mount and the scale impression without of being bis are high in the bonnet is charm. Furthermore, it pulled the body side to chassis side and was packed, expressed the unique side line. In addition, as for the dish wheel of 5 holes which even revolver type are said the plating finish. The form which it runs is tightened more. In addition to the completion body, you set also the transmitter, the battery and the charger of wheel type. Putting out from the box, you can play directly.

Basic specifications

  •  Total length 365mm
  •  full-width 173mm
  •  total height 97mm
  •  wheel base 204mm
  •  tread = F:129mm R:138mm
  •  tire width/diameter = F:20/54mm R:25/55mm
  •  frame = strengthening resin make monocoque type frame
  •  drive system = horizontal ranging motor rear drive 2WD
  •  diff. gear = ball diff.
  •  steering wheel = 3 divided tie rod systems
  •  suspension = front and back double wishbone
  •  gear ratio = 10.86:1
  •  motor = 370 types
  •  speed controller = ESC
  •  with battery of attachment at the time of approximately 30 minute travelling possible (usual travelling full charge)

Source : Tamiya Japan

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