Chevron – F1-08 Body


Chevron – F1-08 Body for Tamiya F103/103GT launch.

Resin make front wing rear wing body mount sticker attachment

In Tamiya F103 chassis just fitting. To the center wing of front bridge wing  and the intake rear section of ’08 trend it reappears with another part


Corresponding to also F103GT by taking “the ハカマ section” of body lower part more than usual, it increases. In case of the large diameter touring sponge tire, also it is possible a little to set to raising. (With the photograph in F103 for installing you have set lowest)


In addition to the high down fourth rear wing of the chevron respective company make, also the large-sized side plate by up-to-date rule being another part, it belongs. Of the strength aerodynamics is thought, the counter flap (the lapel of L form) is attached to the rear end.

First good point, it reproduces also the lower part squeezing of side pod with another part. Difficult one even in “another part nothing” OK is made in body form. Because (it is different of course aerodynamically naturally, please try) It adjusted to the tomahawk wing, also “the lapel of the barge board” properly reappearance. The scooping out under it was possible induction and with another part conversion.


It is difficult to see, is, but it molds also the “forward wing” in the body rear end. This photograph is easier to know, the counter flap of the blade tip board, don’t you think? is. * The opening between the winglet/side fence was cut off partly due to the prototype, but there is a problem in strength, in product edition becomes “perforated reappearance” with the sticker. (Sticker number 11,12)fsl025k-04.JPG

The battery it does not enter, it is it is not “distantly method of doubting, relief. Properly it is loading possible even with the stopper attachment. Clearing also the wiring space to the motor, it increases. Clearance of this corporation is “F1-GT diffuser” sort of viewing. The tomahawk wing of lower part before the side pod supports the barge board with this kind of form.fsl025-sticker.jpg

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