HB – Cyclone TC New Parts


Main Chassis 2.5mm

The main chassis of the new design which loading the resin make battery tray of the new establishment possibility is done. Private tray of attachment cell securely hold. Slot processing and being unnecessary, the trouble of short circuit the former way it prevents beforehand.


Upper Desk 2.0mm

With form modification the chassis post ATC of OP (adjustable torsion control) with volt/bolt on on-board possibility. When (chassis post ATC is used, please jointly use #67702 main chassis 2.5mm.)


FRP Middle Deck 2.0mm

FRP middle deck 2.0mm – 600 material is changed made of graphitized of the carbon made of FRP. The traction performance improves by positively increasing the number of chassis rolls.


Rear Shock Tower

Use together with Upper bulk Head Set #67712


Upper Bulkhead Set (Purple)

Actualizing further strength rise with form modification. The trouble in the time and the like of inversion is prevented beforehand.


Graphite Suspension Arm Set

Shock installation position it is smaller by the fact that the suspension arm is made reversible type setting possibility. (Front 4 places and rear 5 places)


Stabilizer Holder

Actualizing speedy and setting finely by modifying the method of installing the stabilizer of suspension arm side.


2 Way Diff (one way / Spool)

To adopt pin lock type for one way, just removes and re-installs the pin modification is possible speedily in spool ⇔ one way.

Source : HPI Japan

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