K Factory – E4 ST Steel/Alum. Combo Universal Joint


Extremely powerful brushless motors and high voltage LIPO batteries are revolutionizing the R/C racing industry. Cars are substantially quicker then their brushed motor equivalents and the new battery technology means the cars are run for longer at these high speeds.

Unfortunately, the downside to this new technology is the additional stress placed on the transmission of the latest touring car chassis. Only a short while ago manufacturers were trying to lighten drive train parts to improve acceleration and top speed but it appears, although successful for the brushed motors, the new brushless motors are causing premature wear and sometimes breakages.

K-Factory is always paying close attention to the industry and has developed a new set of high strength universal joints for the Team Magic E4 series of electric touring cars. The improved strength comes from the use of specially developed K-Factory ST-Steel and an increase in drive shaft thickness.

The thicker and stronger UJ combines with a lightweight aluminum wheel adapter which helps reduce the overall weight and keeps the rotating mass of the E4 transmission as low as possible.

Source : K Factory

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