Tamiya Japan – DB01 BALDRE




Available Mar 29, 2008

Highly efficient machine that succeeds to gene of TRF501X

It is an electric radio control buggy assembly kit of the race aim that succeeds the gene of 4WD high-end buggy racing and TRF501X. Two highly effective belts 4WD are adopted, and the suspension is four-wheel double wishbone with geometry basically similar to TRF501X. A setting performance wide as two or more damper pivots were arranged in the upper arm with a turnbuckle was given. In addition, it equips it normally with Baldre in the gear case before and behind compact. High density spike K is installed in a white-collar dish wheel, and excellent grip power is demonstrated on a wide road.


DB01 chassis adoption of two belts 4WD in length 

The SPAR gear is arranged at the center of the body, and an excellent driving performance of two belts 4WD that makes the drive belt in the back and forth equal length adopts the DB01 chassis that improves the reliability of maintenance and running for the state as it is. The bathtub frame made of fiberglass reinforced nylon resin flatly installs the RC mechanism and the running battery and achieves making to low center of gravity. Additionally, shape on the back flat is made full and the countersunk screw is used. A high effect of the skid is invented. Moreover, the SPAR gear and the driving belt are covered with the resin parts, and driving system is protected from a small stone and the soil etc. of the one about the off-road. The feature in the bulk head in the back and forth is to maintain it by part division reasonable integrate with the frame parts excelling.


Underside TRF501X design to base. As for suspension arm and front and back hub carrier of long span TRF501X and isomorphic condition. The steering wheel wiper adjusting to the skid angle of the front suspension arm, is the constitution where angle is attached.


Approximately the suspension mount to another part is converted, also adjustment in skid angle is possible by the fact that the spacer is put. In addition, wide setting is possible e.g., the upper 4 places and the ロワ 3 place it provides also the pivot of the CVA damper.


The drive belt in the back and forth is made equal length by arranging the SPAR gear at the center. Moreover, driving part improves the reliability of the cover and running with the resin parts.


Basic specifications

  •  Total length 395mm
  •  full-width 248mm
  •  total height 157mm
  •  body weight 1075g
  •  wheel base = 280mm
  •  tread = F214mm R210mm
  •  tire width/diameter = F32/85mm R 42/85mm
  •  frame = fiberglass strengthening nylon resin
  •  drive system = isometric 2 belt drives 4WD
  •  diff. gear system F/R = ball diff.
  •  damper = front and back CVA oil damper
  •  gear ratio = 8.13: 1 (23T) 11.00: 1 (17T)
  •  speed controller = ESC specification (selling separately)
  •  motor = RS540 type (selling separately)

Maintenance & Upgrades


* ITEM 54015 (OP.1015) assembly universal shaft (front)


* ITEM 54017 (OP.1017) DB01 front one-way set


* ITEM 54018 (OP.1018) DB01 slipper – clutch set

Source : Tamiya

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