Matsuzaki Hayato – HB Cyclone D4 at Cactus Classic


Race Result on Cactus Classic at Scottsdale R/C Speedway:

Matsuzaki  Hayato 松崎隼人
4WD : Qualify 4 / Race 6
2WD : Qualify 8 / Race 6



The road of SRS(Scottsdale R/C Speedway) from which Cactus Classic is held is very hard, and like concrete. The load that rests upon the machine is very large, and the back of the chassis becomes rag rag at once.


Especially, the chassis end edge interferes and is shaved off with the road at
the time of launching out into the jump.


The setting around the front is the same as the usual HAYATO set.

Big point to lay shock down from kit standard by one step, to cut down 1mm, to lower installation position of upper arm mount, and to have changed caster to 13 degrees (aluminum hub)


Rear surroundings are a little different from the usual HAYATO set.

The rear toe with the suspension mount 2 times, 3 times of total is of 1 time always with the rear hub sort. It is the point where using the upper arm at length of kit standard differs from usual HAYATO set. When the upper arm the rear is made short, being to be good, it does, looking back characteristic, but because there are times when traction comes out this time the upper arm of length of kit standard was used. You inserted the color of 2.5mm under the ball stud of rear hub side, camber change set to large texture.


The motor cooling fan was installed as the heat measures.

Weight is put on fan front by 15g.
The purpose of this is to adjust posture in the air of the jump. When the fan is not put up, the weight of 20g is put.
The symptom on which the left side falls by putting weight in front of the motor in the air is reduced.

Source : HB Buggy BLOG

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