Nosram – Storm Evo Spec Racing – 10.5T Blue Alu Ring


Perfect and trouble free brushless stock racing for everyone. The NOSRAM storm evolution spec racing motors combine all brushless advantages with striking simplicity! Stay fast – keep it easy! A colour-coded aluminum ring in the teardown easily shows the number of turns. In addition, the NOSRAM storm evolution spec racing includes a black colour-coded magnet and black motor shaft. This way, the all new NOSRAM storm evolution spec racing motors can perfectly be used for all kind of spec- or stock racing. As the new NOSRAM storm evolution spec racing brushless motors are based on the legendary XTEC X11 modified brushless teardowns, maximum performance and a long life time are guaranteed!


  •   Handwound
  •   XTEC X11 teardown, dismountable
  •   New and optimized spec racing magnet
  •   New stack for more torque
  •   New design for extremely low resistance
  •   New oversize ball bearings for lowest friction
  •   Adjustable timing
  •   Sensored technology
  •   Can be operated with sensor and sensorless speed controls

Easy-to-control Features:

  •   Black color-coded motor shaft and magnet for best performance and easy inspection
  •   Colored aluminum ring symbolizing the number of turns
  •   Laser engraving on the teardown

Source : Mirage Racing

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