XB8EC Wins 1st Regional Championship – Ortigosa


Race report by Ricardo Monteiro
The race event was attended by 52 drivers and there was a lot of expectations for the first battle of this competitive Championship. The track was very difficult with two different types: one with bumpy dirt and the other one with concrete in several places, and to make it even more difficult there was a famous bridge going up and down and a triple jump where several driver left a few car parts behind… definitely a spot where you could win or lose the race.

The first round was won without difficulty by 8 seconds over the second qualifier. In the second round, things got bumpier and the result was awful. In the last round when everything was looking good, a mistake on the triple jump ruined it. With a total result of 3rd in the 3 qualifiers, I was able to start 2nd in the A-main.


Able to outrun the difficulties of the track, I was able to win the main by 12 seconds ahead of the closest competitor, and with a time that in the near future would give the starting place of 1st in the final. At the final the track was very bumpy, and a little mistake could ruin the entire race. Trying to do my best, I was able to gain a few seconds’ advantage in every fueling stop. I won the race with one lap ahead of 2nd place.

1. Ricardo Monteiro XRAY XB8EC
2. Ricardo Martins
3. Hélio Lopes
4. Pedro Figueiredo XRAY XB8EC
5. Miguel Oliveira
6. Miguel Angelo
7. Renato Freitas
8. Alexandre Couto
9. Vitor Carvalho
10. Nuno Lataes


Ricardo Monteiro Set-up sheet.

Source : XRAY

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