Team Wave – BR-50 Racing Brushless Controller


Team Wave will release a new brushless speed controller coded “RB-50” (Racing Brushless system 50).  This speedo is the smallest sensored brushless controller in the market with highest power and functions. We hope to release to the market in May/2008. More photos and information will be available next month.

Specification :  

  • Brushless Motor : no limit
  • Brush Motor: no limit
  • Rated current: 400A Continuous
  • BEC: 6V, 3A Continuous
  • Input voltage: 4-6 Cells NiMh, 2Cells LiPo
  • Protection: Temp cut (adjustable), LiPo cut (adjustable)
  • Mode: Forward with brake (brush/brushless), Forward/Brake/Reverse (brushless)
  • Adjustment: Neutral Brake, Brake force, Turbo Drive, Time shift (motor timing), Throttle profile, Brake profile
  • Cooling fan: High power high speed cooling fan included
  • Capacitor: Small size super low resistance capacitor included (10mm diameter x 21mm length)
  • Body size: 34mm * 31mm * 18mm (W*L*H)
  • Body size with heatsink: 34mm * 31mm * 25.5mm (W*L*H)

Extra features:

  • *World smallest sensored racing brushless controller
  • *Easy soldering 2-way bullet soldering post (can accept up to AWG10 wire)
  • *Direct flow technology
  • *Turbo drive technology
  • *Time shift technology
  • *Updateable firmware
  • *Optional setup unit



Source : rctech

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