Tamiya TRF Report – LRP TouringCar Master 1-2-3 Finish

The ace driver Mark Rheinard of TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) use TRF416 by “LRP TouringCar Masters” held with Germany Eppelhaim on 2008 March 30, and it wins from TQ of the championship. Groskamp wins a prize and 2nd place and player Victor Wilck also win 3rd place. Team TRF monopolized the commendation stand.

Three players of the Jilles Victor mark achieved 1-2-3 finish, and the other day’s “Euro Touring Series Rd.2” was faced to this race with the good condition had been maintained. Total of 110 people or more such as the works drivers and the world champion of each manufacturer participate in the Masters class. TRF ..race.. fought by five players of Suzuki from Japan in addition to the mark, Jilles, Victor, and Fpo. Prior was tested by development that Jilles and Fpo advanced the setting further based on the setup of ETS, Suzuki brought together, and the mark and Victor put out time.

The preliminary contest is held by the fourth round, and top time is recorded by the continuing round, and the mark player acquires TQ though only the first round was 3rd place. Victor and Jilles become 2nd place and 3rd place, too and, first, the high rank of the preliminary contest is hardened in team TRF.

Main final race A is the third round system. When the mark player top reaches the 1st time and the 2nd times overwhelmingly both and driving and he decides the victory, player Jilles who top reached a goal reverses player Victor by 3-3-1, and player Victor acquires the second synthesis place in 2-2-3 and 3rd place and the final third round in the summary. It became a preliminary contest top 3, commendation stand monopoly, and the highest result.

Will Please give my best regards to TRF the rooting in the future.

Source : Tamiya TRF

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