Speed Passion – GT ESC Version 1.1

More news from Speed Passion who have released their new GT ESC Version 1.1, which now has a built in USB software upgrade feature. This allows the user to update the company’s new Digital Racing Respond System and other future new developments for the ESC. Also announced was the GT ESC Version 1.1 LPF ‘Low Profile edition’ (above), which as the name suggests is a specially built low profile design suitable for 1/12th, 1/10th stock racing and 1/10th off road. The new controller can handle a maximum current of 400A and has a super low resistance of 0.0006ohm. Can be used with brushless motors up to 4.0T motor on 4.8V or 5.5T on 7.2V.

Source : Redrc.net

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