Team Corally – April New Product

RDX / PHI / ASSASSIN – New Short Shock Body

With these special short shock bodies it is possible to run your car with lower ride height settings while keeping more suspension up travel. These short shock bodies use 1 O-ring seal only for smoother dampening.

New 1:12 US Factory Wheels Rear 36mm

These new 36mm 1:12 US Factory Wheels Rear are available next to the 38 mm US Factory Wheels. With these wheels it is possible to use smaller diameter tires while keeping the same amount of rubber on traction required by some track conditions. A popular car setup is to use 36 mm rear and 38 mm front wheels.

New 3.0 mm Aluminium Spacers for adjustments

The new 3.0 mm Aluminium Spacers are available for adjusting the steering lever of the new F1. They come in 5 pieces in a package.

New Corally Hooded Sweaters

Finally the long awaited Team Corally Black Hooded Sweaters with kangaroo pockets are available.

Source : Team Corally

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