Much More – Pack Equalizer

New from Much More the Pack Equalizer for Stick battery.  Much More state that “World’s 1st stick pack battery individual auto cut discharger.”  Available in three colors : Blue, Black & Purple.

Specification :

  • Dimensions : 155 x 90 x 26mm
  • Weight : 163g
  • Number of cells (Ni-MH / Ni-Cd) : Sub C Pack Type 6 cells (7.2V)
  • Max Discharge current : 3A
  • Discharge cuttoff voltage : 0.9V
  • Input Voltage : Wireless Operation

Source : Much More

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2 Responses to Much More – Pack Equalizer

  1. Tim Field says:

    Where can I get one and how much are they

  2. max says:

    sir! where can i buy this!

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