HB – Pro Spec Ball Diff Complete Set

2.6mm Titanium Coated Diff Screw/3mm Ceramic Diff Balls

The all-new Pro Spec Ball Diff Set is what all the top Hot Bodies Cyclone racers are using to achieve impressive race wins and keep at the top of their game! Hot Bodies team members like Andy Moore, Atsushi Hara and Ronald Volker depend on continuous racing development and the toughest components, and the Pro Spec Ball Diff Set is designed to never let them down!

This new Pro Spec diff features several new improvements to make the diff last longer under extreme racing conditions:

  • 39-tooth pulley is a direct replacement for the existing ball diff pulley, and features wider spacing for the diff balls
  • Ceramic diff balls (#67722) are extra-smooth and super long-lasting, able to go longer between rebuilds
  • Cup joints are made from machined POM lightweight space-age plastic for rocketlike acceleration
  • Thicker and stronger titanium nitride diff screw and nut will outlast the standard diff screw
  • Diff ball bearings, D-cut rings, spacers, diff and thrust bearing grease are all included, making this a complete ready-to-go diff set
  • Optional aluminium cup joints are available

Spares for #67720:
#67721 39T PULLEY (Pro Spec Ball Diff)
#67723 CUP JOINT (POM/Pro Spec Ball Diff)
#67725 DIFF SCREW SET (Pro Spec Ball Diff)

Optional for #67720:
#67724 CUP JOINT (Aluminum/Pro Spec Ball Diff)

Works with : Cyclone Hara Edition, Cyclone Surikarn Edition, Cyclone S, Cyclone S RTR, Cyclone S Drift & Cyclone World Champion Edition.

Source : HB

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