Tamiya Japan – 2008 May New Product

TA05-IFS R Chassis Kit

Available May 24, 2008

* In the TA05-IFS chassis, it is the kit which equips 30 kind thing parts which it is essential to race anew.
* The aluminum of the new part it starts shaving, make the center plate and the belt for the 37T-18T pulley setting.
* The center plate of floating type making the chassis easy, to be twisted raises the steering wheel response, the drive belt actualizing the decrease of drive resistance.

TamTech Gear 1/12 Porsche 935 “Martini”

Available May 31, 2008

* The champion machine of manufacturer world championship race/lace 1976 appears with Tamtech-Gear.
* To flat reproducing forum of force such as nose, over fender and the large-sized rear wing which front and back are converted to real.
* You prepare the martini stripe and the like with the sticker.
* The chassis the front inboard suspension, adopted GT-01 of rear wheel drive.

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 997 VIP 2007 (TT-01 Type-E Chassis)

Available : Apr 26, 2008

* In it is developed “the Porsche super cup” business, it is the assembly kit of the electromotive radio control car which reproduces the machine which is called the VIP car which the invitation player drives every race.
* The unique forum reality fully with polycarbonate model. It can enjoy also light illumination.
* Adopting the chassis TT-01 TYPE-E which refines the section of TT-01.

XB Nissan Fairlady Z Version NISMO

Available : May 31, 2008

– A top grade of fair lady Z to whom NISMO did the tune is appearance with completion RC car.
– A dauntless form that pursues aerodynamic is reproduced by the polycarbonate in the round.
– It can enjoy running that builds in high luminance LED and lights the back and forth light.

– TT-01 chassis TYPE-E of shaft drive 4WD is adopted, the controller bull flight quality is shown.

Mighty Ballista (TNS-B15 Chassis)

Available : Apr 26, 2008

* It is the completion engine RC buggy which can enjoy powerful off load travelling.
* The Tamiya FS-15FD engine of the recoil starter attaching (aerodynamic volume displacement 2.5cc) it loads.
* As for the chassis the double deck which combines the resin make upper deck to aluminum alloy make shock tower.
* Completeness equipment such as shaft 4WD, oil damper attaching suspension and large diameter disk brake charm.

RevStorm (TNS-T18 Chassis)

Available May 31, 2008

– It is a finished engine racing track where it can enjoy running dynamic by 18 engines (displacement 3.0cc).
– The chassis is a tune as for popular TNS-B. It makes it properly compared with the gear according to a further strength improvement and the large diameter tire.
– The tire blocks V pattern of 110mm in the diameter with built-in inner sponge. One’s ten feets of the silver plating are made to stand out the spoke wheel.

Other New Items

  • TT-01 Type-E Full Bearing Set
  • TT-01 Aluminum Propeller Joint & Shaft Set
  • CR-01 Setting Spring Set
  • CR-01 Setting Stabilizer Set
  • DB01 Carbon Strengthening A Part (Diff Cover)
  • DB01 Carbon Strengthening D Part (Caster Block)
  • DB01 Carbon Strengthening L Part (Center Cover)
  • DB01 Carbon Strengthening M Part (Damper Stay)
  • TRX501X Damper – Hard Titanium Coat Piston Rod (Front 2)
  • TRX501X Damper – Hard Titanium Coat Piston Rod (Rear 2)
  • M Chassis High grade Aluminum Damper – Titanium Coat piston rod (2)
  • TA05-IFS R Drive Belt (342mm)
  • CR-01 Aluminum Battery Holder
  • CR-01 Aluminum Servo Head
  • CR-01 Strengthening Wheel Axle (2)
  • CR-01 Rudder Frame (raster Silver)
  • TA05-IFS R 18T Center one-way set
  • Toyota Land Cruiser – 40 Spare Body Sets
  • GB-03 Carbon Damper Stay (Rear)
  • GT-01 935 Dish Wheel (Front)
  • GT-01 935 Dish Wheel (Rear)

RC Limited Edition

  • TRF 416 Center one-way Set
  • TRF 416 front direct coupling
  • F103RM

TRF Product

  • 630 teflon seal bearings (2)
  • 840 reflon seal bearings (2)
  • 840 flange teflon seal bearings (2)
  • 850 teflon seal bearings (2)
  • 950 teflon seal bearings (2)
  • 1050 teflon seal bearings (2)
  • 1150 teflon seal bearings (2)
  • 1510 teflon seal bearings (2)

Source : Tamiya Japan

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