Korean Kyosho Masters

Once again, Team XRAY Korea had a great race at the Kyosho Masters. The
Kyosho Masters race was held on April 6th at Banwol Race Park in Korea.
Approximately 100 top drivers participated in the race, making it VERY
competitive. This time, not many Team XRAY drivers were able to participate
in the race because the Korea National Touring Championship would be held
only a week away, but still Team XRAY was well represented by Tae Wan, Won
Hyung, and Dong Kwan. Everyone successfully made it into the A-main final
and had great final results by taking 2nd, 3rd, and 6th.

Kyosho Masters Final Results:

1.. Jung Seo Kim
2.. Tae Wan Kim XRAY XB8EC
3.. Wonhyung Sohn (Andy) XRAY XB8EC

4.. Sung Sik Bae
5.. Sung Ki Joe
6.. Dong Kwan Kim XRAY XB8EC
7.. Man Soon Lim
8.. Jung Suk Oh
9.. Sung Min Ahn
10.. Wook Taek Lee

Source : XRAY

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