K Factory – 1/8 Buggy Clutch Housing

K6505 Clutch Bell

If there is one component on your truck buggy or car that is solely responsible for transferring power from your engine to your transmission… it’s your clutch.

Therefore, choosing the right clutch bell is a decision you should not leave to chance. Choosing the wrong clutch bell can mean overheating, metal fatigue, clutch shoe slippage and outright meltdown. You may as well strap a brick to your vehicle because it’s going nowhere fast.

K Factory is well aware of the impact the right equipment can have on your acceleration, lap times and overall top speed. That’s why we researched and developed a clutch bell that is second to none in the RC industry.

You simply cannot get a better precision made part for your clutch than the K Factory K6505 Hardened Steel Clutch Bell. CNC machined from the very high grade steel available, and yet priced lower than others , the K6505 clutch bell is built for racers who expect the best value items .

Hardened Steel Construction

Spinning at over 35,000 rpm the average clutch is stretched to the limit every time you accelerate. With all the stress and torque 1/8 scale buggies, truggies and monster trucks place on a clutch bell you’ve got to have a clutch bell that can take the heat. The K6505 clutch bell is more than up to the challenge.

The super hardened steel construction in the K6505 resists overheating, warping and thermal breakdown. Especially today with the popular use of aluminum clutch shoes, K Factory clutch bells last up to 5 times longer that the competition.

Precision Engineered

The precision machined gears will keep you driving hard without slipping, chipping, stripping or losing shape. The pitch stays true, giving you trouble-free operation with a perfect mesh. The ultra-smooth transfer of power from today’s high end engines to your RC machine means higher top speed down the straightaway and more torque accelerating out of the corners and into a jump.

Race Proven Design

Venting cutouts in the clutch bell body not only dissipate heat, a clutch’s worst enemy, but it reduces rotating weight and makes it easy to inspect the condition of your clutch shoes. The hardened steel also allows the K6505 clutch bell to maintain its precision engineered balance and roundness at high rpm.

Your bearings will always fit perfectly. There is virtually no play in the bearing housings due to K Factory’s constant attention to detail. A perfect fit means no vibration, which means parts won’t rattle loose and your fuel flow is uninterrupted.

Etched into every K Factory clutch bell is the tooth specification making it easy to select the right clutch bell for the job. The K6505 comes in 12, 13, 14,15, 16, 17 and 18 tooth configurations.

Source : K Factory

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