Tamiya Japan – Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 2007

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup VIP 2007 (TT-01 Chassis Type-E)

Available : Apr 26, 2008

The machine for the one make-up race of the highest peak

It is developed for highest peak “Porsche super-cup” of the one make-up race that has been held in ten countries in the world, and delivery 911GT3 cup car in a private team. Porsche especially manages the machine, and the assembly kit of the electric radio control car that reproduces VIP car that guest players drive at each race. The modeled body is made of the polycarbonate to enough actually feeling as for the form with power. It can enjoy the light lighting by setting high luminance LED of two headlight lights (white) and two rear light lights (red). Moreover, the logo etc. of the pinstripe and the Porsche of gotten Gold and white were prepared in a chic black color in the sticker.

Shaft 4WD and TT-01 TYPE-E that improves running

The chassis is TT-01 TYPE-E of length putting motor shaft drive 4WD. The upper deck and the gear cover made of fiberglass reinforced nylon resin were secured for the mainframe of the bathtub type, and it equipped and a high chassis rigidity was secured. The steering wheel system is a type of movement that play is few and smooth. divide into threeThe characteristic of control is demonstrated together with equipped Defgiya etc. low center of gravity, the good balance design, four-wheel double wishbone suspension, and back and forth. Moreover, the number of parts is reduced, easiness to assemble is valued, and the body composition that treats easily that reduces the part where the setting is necessary is a charm. The wheelbase was set to 251mm. Of course, optional option parts are built in and the performance improvement is also possible.

The improvement lights in the back and forth are parts only for TT-01 TYPE-E
that strength is high and Gata is few.

Steering wheel
The steering wheel of the type divide into three uses the aluminum pipe for the post. Smooth
movement with a little play is invented.

Damper Stay
Damper Stay and the gear cover are special parts of another body structure. The damper installation point is set up in Damper Stay two places

Basic specifications

– Total length 465mm, full
-width 195mm and total height 134mm
– the wheel base 251mm
– tire width/diameter = FR 27/67mm
– frame = bathtub type
– drive system = vertical ranging motor & shaft drive full-time 4WD
– diff. gear = front and back 3 bevels
– steering wheel = 3 divided tie rod systems
– the suspension = 4 wheel double wishbone
– damper = front and back the friction
– gear ratio = 8.35:1
– motor = 540 types
– speed controller = ESC specification

Source : Tamiya

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