Tamiya Japan – XB Neo Falcon

Available Apr 26, 2008

The potential kept secret in ..Sharp.. form

Coloring of ..low form.. black it & red in which the edge is effective shows Sharp the body lower. As for the bird at the velocity, completion and electric radio baggy control 2WD with falcon’s name is a neo-falcon. An excellent bathtub frame in the weight balance in low center of gravity is equipped with double wishbone four-wheel independent suspension. It spikes it to the tire combined with Astoraldisshuhoel that a stelliform design is unique by demonstrating the grip power with an enough Waidoglubd and rear wheel that the front wheel is excellent in directionality. It is made of the polycarbonate ..Sharp.. light a body and large-scale Riyauing strong in shock.

DT02 – 2WD basic baggy chassis

The battery for running is adopted and an excellent bathtub frame in the weight balance as it sets in the length putting, and the RC mechanism is installed at the center flatly in low center of gravity is adopted. The suspension is double wishbone four-wheel independence of a long arm that delicately catches the bad road. Defgiya is built into the sealing up type gearbox that prevents sand and a small stone from going into it, and a smooth cornering is invented. In addition, speed controller “Tamiya TEU-101BK” that the backing running is possible is installed in the body including transmitter Ecspecc SP of a suitable wheel trigger type for the control of the car. If 7.2V battery and a special charger for running adhere, too it puts out from the box, and the battery is charged, it can enjoy running at once.

Basic specifications
– Total length =384mm
– the full-width =248mm
– total height =124mm
– the wheel base =260mm
– roadspace =26mm
– tire width/after 40/84mm diameter = front 27/80mm
– also suspension = front and back is attached double wishbone 4 wheel independence
– drive system = rear wheel 2 wheel drive
– diff. gear system =3 the bevel diff.
– the steering wheel tie rod =2 the divided
– 540 type motors,
– the Tamiya TEU-101BK attachment & power source for the transmitter (8 single type 3 electric batteries) not include

Source : Tamiya

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