Team Trion – Intellect 4600 EFRA Spec and IFMAR Spec



The EFRA specification that shortened some total length corresponding to overseas EFRA Reg debuted to Interect 4600.

The electrical discharge performance advances surely, and might become the last resort of the race for five minutes though decreases compared with the size so far some capacity.

Moreover, in the past, size IB4600 makes it offer by a new price as IFMAR Spec corresponding to
IFMAR regulations.

How to distinguish both can distinguish from the total length and the general
view, and becomes the presence of the VR-1 seal.
Stamp and lot No of “for Japan Market” enter →EFRA Spec that →IFMAR Spec VR-
1 that is pasted VR-1 doesn’t paste both.

It becomes three lineups (various and one cell, five cells, and six cells).

– The box for six cells is attached to the box and six cells for five cells on
five cells.

– The chanter becomes an optional both.

Source : Team Trion

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