Tamiya Japan – Toyota Land Cruiser 40

Available : Apr 26, 2008

Challenge a thrilling lock section

It is an electric radio control car assembly kit that reproduced 40 factions released from 1960 to 84 years in the Toyota land cabin cruiser also that one of the four-wheel drive cars known most in the worlds. The chassis is CR-01 developed for a crawling lock. Equipment of the challenge to the lock section such as a large diameter tires with a crowded tread pattern on shaft drive 4WD of four link suspension with Radarfram and the oil damper that had used the rod made of aluminum and possible differential locking devices and sides it turned and the bead lock wheels was fully loaded with the side made of aluminum member and the crossmember made of the resin. the composed high rigidityCan it climb to crawl the slope in the rock at which it looks up while shaking the body made of the polycarbonate reproduced in the round, and it enjoy a thrilling running similar to a crawling lock of a real car.

What is Toyota Land Cruiser 40

As the originator of cross-country 4WD of Japan, the Toyota land cabin cruiser also that of course one of the four-wheel drive cars known most in the worlds. 40 factions released from 1960 to 84 years in a long history from which production was started in 1950’s become super-long seller models, are called, “Yommal” and “Forte”, etc. , and are gathering still a lot of lovers. The feature such as windows where the winker and Riyacornar on Rageetargril and the reception desk fender of an oval type curve. It has high durability, reliability, and running in the bad road, and the appearance that keeps starting still in the active service not only is seen but also it takes pride in high popularity as a base of a crawling game vehicle for the lock etc.

Four link RIDGID suspension equipped with the stabilizer back and forth demonstrates a marvelous stroke and a sticky traction.

Tire & wheel
The tire with built-in inner sponge arranges the pattern in the side wall both ..giving flexibility… The wheel was equipped with the bead lock type of three pieces.

Suspension II
The oil damper is operated in the push rod and the locker arm, and it separates with the damper and the installed coil spring ..expansion side of roll.. acts as a pull spring.

Steering servo
The steering servo is installed in the servo bed fixed on the axle. The mount method that the movement of Sas is not disturbed was adopted.

Planetary gear
The planetary gear is adopted for the transfer that distributes power back and forth. Because a big deceleration ratio can be compactly taken, and the battery can be installed low, it is effective also in making to low center of gravity.

Differential locking device
In three Bebeldef of the back and forth, the lock is a basic setting. A necessary, for lock crawling high traction is invented.

As for front grill of unique oval type another part. In addition it can install in the headlight LED of selling separately.

Even the detail such as skids in the side step and hinges of the bonnet is expressed in the round. The side-view mirror is made of a soft resin that doesn’t break easily.

The actual car it reproduces also the rear corner window which curves that way. The round tail lamp illumination is possible with LED of selling separately.

Basic specifications

– Total length 435mm
– full-width 265mm
– total height 274mm
– body weight 2330g
– the wheel base = 288mm
– tread = front and back 208mm
– tire width/also diameter = front and back 57/125mm
– the high rigid rudder frame which combines the resin make cross member to the frame = aluminum make side member
– drive system = vertical ranging motor & shaft drive 4WD
– diff. gear system = front and back: 3 bevels (as for basic setting diff-lock)
– トランスファーニ = planetary type
– suspension = front and back 4 link rigidity
– damper = front and back CVA oil damper
– gear ratio = 1: 40.5
– Speed controller = ESC specification (selling separately)
– motor = RS540 type

Source : Tamiya

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