Traxxas – E REVO

Traxxas introducing the new E REVO

Source : Traxxas

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4 Responses to Traxxas – E REVO

  1. Mumf says:

    Any word what the price will be. Want one already and i just sold Jato 3.3 and bought Rustler VXL. Now my Revo 2.5r will be sold for the E-Revo.

  2. Sam says:

    Traxxas have announced but arent promising that the Traxxas E-Revo will be around the same price as the Revo 3.3 so around £300 quid quite a hefty price for a electric, non-brushless RC car

  3. Yeremy says:

    430 dollar

  4. Chris says: has it for $454.99, but traxxas is saying it’s gonna go for about $800. And I really want one.

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