BRCA 1:5th Bike National – GRP Concourse

The first round of the BRCA Nationals for 1/5th bikes took place this weekend at Skipton, the weather was variable but generally cold and dry, another good test for the new experimental GRP bike tyres. After the wet testing at Cotswolds it was nice to finally get some dry track time in, and the abrasive Skipton Surface was a durability test into the bargain.

The new GRP stood up very well, in use on several bikes throughout the weekend. Drivers reported more stability than their current race tyres, and more grip all round, wet or dry than the current GRP tyres, by at least three fold. Yet at the end of the meeting the tyres looked like new with barely a mark on them.

Winner of the GRP sponsored Concourse competition was Rookie Michael Laing running a McLarney chassis and tidily hand paint Lavilla Replica Body work. Michael also led the Stock A final by getting between some of the top regulars in the section until the final moments, eventually coming in second to take the lead in the 2008 Rookie overall championship.

Seen here presenting the voucher for his set of new GRP bike tyres is Skipton Chairman, race director and Formby Models own bike Guru, Steve Newey.
See the Bike section of the brca web site and Radio Race Car for a full report, technical info and pictures.

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Source : Mirage Racing

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