Faur Cristian wins Romanian National Championship

The Romanian EP Touring National Championship took place in Arad last weekend where Team Serpent driver Cristian Faur ruled by Stock and Modified at the controls of his Serpent S400.

In Stock Faur completely dominated the field taking the TQ before going on to take easy wins in the Finals.

Modified was a slightly tougher affair for the Serpent driver as he qualified 2nd but come the finals his S400 was dialled in perfectly and he took victory in the first and second legs of the final to claim the overall victory and complete the perfect National championship campaign.

Romanian EP Touring National Championship
Stock Result

1. Faur Cristian – Serpent 400
2. Csacso Sobolcs
3. Fridrik Lucian
4. Zarnescu Adrian
5. Olaru Ciprian
6. Csatlos Sandor
7. Ciobanu Paul
8. Mihai Paul
9. Necula Alexandru

Modified Result
1. Faur Cristian – Serpent S400
2. Mutu Gabriel
3. Olaru Ciprian
4. Serban Mircea – Serpent S400
5. Ionescu Cristian – Serpent S400
6. Zarnescu Adrian
7. Ciobanu Paul
8. Fridrik Lucian
9. Csatlos Sandor
10.Necula Alexandru

Source : Serpent

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