K Factory – E4 Alum. Front Rear Hinge Pin Mount Set

In standard conditions the E4 is a super strong car, capable of taking a pounding and coming back for more. There are however, times when track conditions are far from normal and certain boards or parts of the track maybe getting little too close for comfort. Thankfully, K-Factory is here to offer some assistance with this issue.

K-Factory, a specialist in aftermarket part manufacturing, is proud to introduce their latest option part for the Team Magic E4, a pair of aluminium hinge pin mounts.

Compatible with either end of the Team Magic E4, these new aluminum option parts improve durability of your chassis while also improving suspension performance.

Machined from high quality 7075-T6 aluminum, they are a direct swap for the standard plastic parts included in the E4 kit and contain all the mounting hardware required. Part of the advantage with these parts not only lies with their improved strength but also with a new hinge pin ball.

These new balls are manufactured from what some refer to as a super plastic. Its industry abbreviated name is POM but people in the R/C industry refer to it as Derlin or Acetal Homopolymer. This incredible plastic is ideal for suspension parts of an R/C car due to its unique characteristics.

These characteristics make it ideal for bridging the gap between metals and plastics, or in this case, a bridge between hinge pins and hinge pin mounts. It is wear resistance, impact resistant, chemical resistance and self lubricating! What more could you need?

These new K-factory option parts are a perfect upgrade for any Team Magic E4. They offer improved strength and suspension performance in one tiny package. Consider mounting them on the front and rear of your E4 today!

Source : K Factory

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