K Factory – HiFL Offroad Dual Intake Air Filter

K Factory – HiFL Offroad Dual Intake Air Filter (for 16mm carburetor)

The performance and life of any engine is directly affected by how clean you keep it and how much your engine can breathe. In the dirt pounding, hard driving arena that is off-road racing, keeping your engine dirt-free while increasing air-flow is not just a good idea… it is a prime objective.

That is why K Factory engineers have developed the most efficient and easy-to-maintain off-road air filter you can buy for your off-road engine.

The K6414 HiFL Off-Road Dual Intake Air Filter is a marvel of innovation that will protect your investment by keeping the dirt out and the air flowing through your precision tuned RC engine.

High Flow Design

The Dual Intake design dramatically reduces air turbulence within the filter and allows air to flow smoothly and unrestricted. That means your engine breathes better and as a result, operates at maximum power on demand without stalling.

The K6414 Dual Intake Air Filter may look similar to others or other buggies, but the K6414’s unique design has a larger outer surface. The dual intake ports also channel much more air into the carburetor than a single intake filter. Translation: Your engine generates more power and operates with higher efficiency.

Dual Stage Foam

Dirt is the enemy of all engines big and small. In an unprotected, a high powered RC engine cranking at over 35,000 rpm, dust particles can wear down your engine’s piston and sleeve in seconds! Just like that your engine’s compression is gone and so is the power.

The K6414 dual stage foam filter traps dust and debris that could ruin your power plant, yet allows the free flow of air to keep your engine running smooth and strong. The lightweight design eliminates drag and helps reduce overall vehicle weight. The low maintenance and easy installation keeps you out of the pits and out on the track. Easy To Clean

Cleaning the K6414 is simple and trouble-free. Simply disassemble the air filter and remove the foam. Clean, oil and re-install… that’s it!

It only takes a few minutes to protect the most important investment on you RC vehicle – your engine. The K Factory Dual Intake Air Filter does it right.

Source : K Factory

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