Available : Apr 26, 2008

The machine for engine buggy introduction which is complete basic efficiency

While making light exhaust noise echo, it is the completion engine RC buggy which can enjoy exciting off load travelling. As for the engine which is loaded Tamiya FS-15FD of aerodynamic volume displacement 2.5cc. As for the chassis high rigidity the shaft drive 4WD which adopts the double deck frame. High grip equipping the spike tire in the double wishbone suspension which equips the oil damper, it does not choose the place where it runs. In addition, as for body & rear wing lightweight polycarbonate make. The gun metal the wheel of the body, and the lead-lead where the line of the lead-lead enters into keynote makes intimidating be effective. Loading the choke pump equipped 65cc fuel tank, it can enjoy travelling of approximately 5 parts in 1 tank.

Shaft 4WD of 15 engine loading, TNS-B15 chassis

The exciting running enjoys, adopting also reliability the TNS-B15 chassis of high shaft drive 4WD. The high rigidity which combines the resin make upper deck to 2.5mm thick aluminum alloy make front suspension plate, loading the Tamiya FS-15FD engine of aerodynamic volume displacement 2.5cc onto the double deck frame. The recoil starter being attached, also starting easily is. Engine power is transmitted by the nosewheel with the shaft, equipping the diff. gear in the direct vent system gear box front and back. In addition, equipping the receiver and the mechanic box which supplies the power source for the receiver, it raises the reliability of running. As for suspension the double wishbone 4 wheel independence which is superior in road-hugging. The oil damper whose shock absorptivity is high was equipped 4. Furthermore, completeness equipment such as the large diameter disk brake which shows powerful damping force is charm.

Tamiya FS-15FD engine loading

Loading the Tamiya FS-15FD engine of the aerodynamic volume displacement 2.5cc which produces liberal power. Also starting easily is with the recoil starter attaching. The needle valve which adjusts the carburetor at the time of high revolution, low it equips also the slow needle which adjusts the carburetor with revolution, and the idling adjustment screw which adjusts the rpm of idling. In addition, the spur gear used the metal make whose durability is high.

Basic specifications

– Total length =400mm
– the full-width =250mm
– total height =165mm
– body weight =1950g (the fuel it is not included)
– the wheel base =280mm
– tread = F 215mm R 205mm
– tire width/diameter = F 32/86mm R 41/86mm
– standard gear ratio =8.45: 1
– The frame material =2.5mm constitution
– shaft drive full-time with thick aluminum make ロワデッキ and the resin make upper deck 4WD
– engine = Tamiya FS-15FD (2.5cc) – the fuel tank =65cc

Option Parts

* ITEM 53008
1150 rubber seal bearing 4 sets

* ITEM 53365
TG10 aluminum racing steering

* ITEM 53791
DF-02 assembly universal shaft

* ITEM 53926
DF-03 aluminum damper set

* ITEM 53414
Aluminum suspension mount (for TG10 、 TB-01)

* ITEM 41081
Fuel filter L

Source : Tamiya

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