XRAY V.I.P. Service at the European Championship

This is a notice to all XRAY customers attending the 2008 European Championship “B”:

XRAY drivers know that buying an XRAY car equates to purchasing the highest performance, most luxurious and superior quality RC model racing car available today. In addition, they receive premium service and support including trackside technical support at main events from our XRAY Factory Team. Therefore, our customers can be assured that they will receive the same professional support at the 2008 European Championship “B” being held on the first weekend of May.

As a sign of our on-going commitment to improve customer support, every XRAY driver at the European Championship “B”, including non-sponsored drivers, will receive a great gift (**The NT1 EC 2008 Support Package**). Of course, they will also receive the same first class technical support and set-up service as well from our Factory Team. All totally free!!!

The NT1 EC 2008 Support Package is of great value and includes one XRAY T-shirt, one pit towel, NT1/HUDY stickers and a complete set of newly upgraded suspension parts (steering blocks, front upper arms, front/rear lower arms and rear uprights). These suspension parts are brand new, right off the production line! All of the parts feature improved threads, while the steering blocks structure has been reinforced as well. This results in a stronger and more reliable NT1 platform for drivers attending this prestigious race. We at XRAY feel that this is a must have for such an important event like the European Championship.

Parts and trackside service will be provided by RB Products, the French distributor for XRAY. Look for our service area which will be clearly identifiable by the XRAY tent and ask for Eric Aita, our on-site point of contact.

We will have recommended set-up sheets available throughout the entire event. Of course track conditions will change and rest assured that our Factory Team will hand out updated setups to all XRAY drivers in the service area.

European Championship ‘B’ Basic Set-up.

Experience the V.I.P. treatment and First Class custom tailored service and support from XRAY and again feel free to contact Eric Aita for any questions that you may have.

Enjoy the XRAY ride!!!

Source : XRAY

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