BRCA 200mm Touring Series Round 2

The Second round of the BRCA 200mm Touring series took place at the fast flowing Brooklands track in south east England over the weekend. Once again the British weather was not looking good for the weekend, and Saturday proved a washout, on a very cold day, just as the track started to dry it rained again! It did give a chance for some more wet weather testing, which again showed the NT1 is awesome on rubber tyres!

Final results:

1 Darren Johnson XRAY NT1
2 Robin Hammet XRAY NT1
3 Gareth Bell XRAY NT1

4 Kyle Branson
5 Neal King
6 Stephen Brown
7 Aaron Wearn XRAY NT1
8 Adam Walker Catchpole
9 Mark Gilliland XRAY NT1
10 Jonathan Dobney

Darren Johnson Winning Set-up sheet.

Mark Gilliland Set-up sheet.

Source : XRAY

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