EXTECH – Nitro X3 Clutch System

EXTECH Nitro X3 Clutch System for the Kyosho, Mugen & X-Ray.

The EXTECH Nitro X3 Clutch System is a 3 shoe clutch that allows you 3 different spring adjustments without removing the springs and shoes. Now you can easily dial in your clutch for track conditions in a few minutes at most.

Adjustments are made by removing the nut and clutch bell. The inner adjuster is lifted up and rotated to the next position to adjust the spring tension. Saves lots of time in the pits on race morning. No more springs and shoe issues every time you need to adapt your power to changing track conditions.

Includes: (1) carbon and (2) aluminum shoes, (shoes can be mixed and matched for track conditions). (1) 13 tooth clutch bell.

Requires: Installation on engine.

Available soon: (14 and 15 to be available later)

Source : Trinity

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