HB Japan – 2008 May New Product

Cyclone 12 – Mark-V Body

Cyclone 12 – Mark-U Body

Cyclone 12 – Mark-I Body

Cyclone 12 – Titanium coat King Pin

Cyclone 12 – Titanium coat Upper Arm Shaft

Cyclone 12 – Titanium coat Shock Shaft (30mm)

Smooth around the suspension which makes important with 1/12 racing titanium coat was administered to each shaft because it actualizes. Actualizing the improvement and long life of abrasion proof efficiency by the fact that titanium coat is administered.

Cyclone 12 – Front Wheel Shaft (4mm Offset)

Actualizing mild steering wheel quality by the fact that the trail quantity is designated as the 4mm offset. The kit attachment wheel shaft (2mm trail) with collectively in various course layouts corresponding possibility.

Cyclone 12 – Shock Spring

Hard – 0.9mm – 7.5 volume
Soft – 0.9mm – 5.5 volume

Cyclone 12 – Front Spring (Hard / 0.55mm / 5 volume)

Cyclone 12 – Front Spring (Soft / 0.45mm / 5 volume)

Cyclone D4 – Stabilizer Set (0.8/1.0mm)

Main point of the suspension setting in the buggy, 0.8mm/1.0mm where wire diameter differs to the stabilizer joined to line-up. Wide setting became possible according to various course circumstances. Front & rear commonness.

HB – Lightning Stadium 2 Pro RTR

* Full-set completion specification 1/8 scale 4WD
* The 4.6cc POWER House engine (Jump START you attach)
* Aluminum tuned muffler & manifold
* Long wheel based aluminum main chassis
* Black alumite specification chassis brace/middle deck/mechanic tray
* 4mm aluminum shock tower (front & rear)
* The long racing shock (the protective boots you attach)
* Aluminum make steering knuckle/rear upright
* low-profile pin off load tire
* Advanced wheel type transmitter/receiver/servo attachment
* Paint being completed body

Source : HB

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