Kyosho – Mini-Z 2.4GHz ASF Porsche 962 No.63

Kyosho New Mini-Z 2.4GHz ASF Porshce 962 No.63

  • 2.4GHz ASF system automatically scans open frequencies for safe and stable control.
  • Pairing (registering the transmitter to the chassis) the Perfex KT18 to your chassis is all the preparation that’s required.
  • Up to 40 cars can race together, without the use of frequency crystals.
  • Transmitter can register with multiple 2.4GHz MINI-Z chassis.
  • Super-fast signal processing speed realizes quick control response.
  • FET speed control amp with double the capacity of the previous version delivers powerful running performance.
  • New design chassis realizes a lower center of gravity and improved mass concentration.
  • Equipped with I.C.S. terminal.
  • Features LED to indicate power status.

Source : Kyosho Europe

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