F103 KAWADA Conversion

Translation :

It is an one F103KAWADA conversion of a new product of the hobby show announcement. (Is the hobby show announcement good before the show of ..saying.. hobby in the announcement etc.)
It becomes a carbon double deck specification. This Comba doesn’t exist only by making it to the carbon chassis. It is considerably related. T bar of Riya is assumed to be an exclusive use, and parts equipped with T bar become considerably smooth movements the misappropriation of the thing for M300. And random run. It runs fear. Finally, it smacked it out with Modified 8T(7.2V) though our company and the practice run by Fukuoka were done at first by 23T. It is thinking 1/12 fast.

The price makes a set considerably by handy (?) the carbon chassis, the upper deck, the damper brace, the posts, Praparts, and the screw nuts and is pre-bid price \12,800 (excluding tax).

By the way, the servo mount (type to place the servo) for F103GT is separately necessary for the conversion from F103RM resold recently. Please buy that additionally.

The F103 KAWADA conversion to which externals and running change suddenly to
the enjoyment.

Source : Kawada

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