Tamiya Japan – Mitsubishi PAJERO

Available Apr 26, 2008

The reality body and the real four running mechanic, running, decorating, it can enjoy

It is the electromotive radio control car assembly kit which reproduces Mitsubishi Pajero metal top wide high popularity was gained in 1993 as cross country 4WD which is handled from the appearance and off load to town use. It loads the motor onto the front midship, the front transmitting power to the gear and the rear with the propeller shaft. Actual car mood fully mechanical chassis constitution is charm. The underside the front of the double wishbone, equipping also the oil damper in 4 links rigid rear suspension, showing high travelling efficiency. Furthermore the tire and the wheel realize running the scale impression in addition to the ABS resin make body which overflows plus. In headlight and fog lamp LED installing possibility. Installing TLU-01 and the like of selling separately, it can enjoy also light illumination.

Front suspension
Adopting the front suspension of double wishbone type of rod wishbone and upper I arm. It equips also the oil damper which is superior in shock absorptivity.

Rear suspension
Adopting the rear suspension of 4 links rigid type where support with link 4 of axle cases whose strength is high. The oil damper was equipped same as the front.

Chassis underside
Transmitting power to the rear tire with the propeller shaft which adopts the universal joint. In addition, the rear diff. is assembled free, choosing the lock.

Basic specifications

– Total length 445mm
– full-width 195mm
– total height 192mm
– drive system = shaft drive 4WD
– suspension = F: Double wishbone R: 4 link rigidity
– tire width/diameter = front and back also 33/88mm
– diff. gear system = front and back 3 bevel diff. rear diff-lock possible
– 540 type motor attachments

Source : Tamiya

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