Trinity – Rock Krawler Modified Motor

Rock Krawler Modified Brushed Motor, (45 turn) by Trinity/Epic Motorsports.

Features: Trinity has 3 new modified motors would and tuned especially for rock climbing (45 turn, 55 turn & 65 turn). Built with our strongest magnets and high turn winds the Kreepy Krawlers will give you precise control and the power to go anywhere you want with your rock crawler. Designed with a high tourque rotor, dual ball bearings, adjustable timing and capacitors already installed.


  • Motor Length: 2.23″ or 56.6mm, this does not including the shaft.
  • Can Diameter: 1.142″ or 36mm.
  • Shaft Diameter: 0.125″ or 3.175mm.

Source : Team Trinity

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