French Championship Round 2 at Vichy

Ninety one drivers were present in Vichy, where the second round of the French Championship took place. This club is known as a magnificent organization that brings fun and a great work ethic to any event. Moreover, Thomas Eytard’s pole position in the Elite category impressed everybody!

Main final Elite Category
The main was 45 minutes of madness with different unconventional strategies (change of tires, provisioning, etc.). Three minutes into the race a problem with the computer stopped the action. With everyone having cut their tire diameters according to their respective strategies, it was logically decided to restart with the main with only 42 minutes left on the clock.
On the re-start, Chaussard’s car was flipped over onto its roof and he lost 6 seconds. This allowed Concialdi, Eytard, Bougnoteau, Monin and Desmaries to pull a gap. During the long main Michaël Derdérian was able to gradually move up, but he had to change tires and lost 2 laps. Bougnoteau’s engine stopped several times and Desmaries had technical problems. Thomas Eytard stalled in the pits and lost his chance at the podium finishing in 7th. Basile, constant and fast, was lapped by the winner Chaussard who benefited from a 5:30 pit stop strategy and no change of tires! Basile was able to put his XRAY NT1 in second place, while Monin managed to keep third, just in front of Derdérian by 4 seconds. A magnificent finale of madness!

1. A. Chaussard XRAY NT1
2. B. Concialdi XRAY NT1
3. R. Monin
4. M. Derderian
5. Michaël Pontal
6. Jacky Mouton
7. Thomas Eytard XRAY NT1
8. Nicolas Bougnoteau
9. Thomas Desmaries
10. Joffroy Defie

Main final National Category
This Finale saw a beautiful fight between Frédéric Bourillon, Maxime Favrelle and Yannick Lesserteur with very little distance between the three. Bourillon closed the gap, but Favrelle managed to keep a 2 second lead and take the win. Yannick Lesserteur was set to finish in third, but a stalled engine cost him 25 seconds, allowing J-Philippe Michel to take advantage and take the final podium spot!

1. Maxime Favrelle XRAY NT1
2. Frederic Bourrillon
3. J-Philippe Michel
4. Romain Jaureguy
5. Yannick Lesserteur XRAY NT1
6. Artur Leclercq XRAY NT1
7. Kevin Rasquin XRAY NT1
8. Thomas Correard
9. Aurelien Gouriau
10. Jean- Baptiste Geneau

Source : XRAY

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