Kyosho – Mini-Z F1 McLaren Mercedes

Available in Car No.1 – Fernando Alonso & Car No.2 Lewis Hamilton

F 1 Racing – GET ready For The of poles position! The engines howl, the starting traffic light jump on green and hell break loose. Such starting scenarios know you so far only from the television. Get yourselves this atmosphere now in the living room. Make possible it the formula 1 boliden on a scale 1:24. But in the driving employment the small Flitzer does not only provide for highest performance. Already when taking out of the packing you hold a model in hands, which looks for and beside each collecting tank vehicle in the showcase exist can also optically seen its resembling. KYOSHO’s careful search and close co-operation with the running stables of the F 1-Hersteller let a dream develop in 1:24 for you. And all this comes fixed and finished including the remote control, so that your driving fun needs not to take time. Start Your Engines!

Technical data
length: 182 mm; Width: 82 mm; Trace (v): 68 mm; Trace (h): 66 mm; Wheel base: 130 mm; Tire (v): 27×14 mm; Tire (h): 27×16 mm; Weight: 190 g; Engine: 130er

Source : Kyosho

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