Tamiya Japan – 2008 June New Product


Available Jun 21, 2008

* High ended model of shaft 4WD, TB evolution furthermore evolution.
* Throwing the various trends which are obtained from the race activity of TRF. The center support steering wheel which is similar to TRF416, adopting upright of 1050 bearing specification which corresponds to high load.
* The divided type upper deck which designates the rear section as the aluminum make was adopted, operating efficiency of spur-gear exchange was raised.

ARTA Garaiya (TB-03 Chassis)

Available : Jun 28, 2008

* Previous season, ARTA Garaiya which disputes the champion appears by the electromotive RC car.
* The actual car reproducing the forum which is superior in the aerodynamics that way.
* As for chassis shaft 4WD of new development and TB-03. It is low, to equip 4 wheel double wishbone suspension in the center of gravity bathtub frame, the front inboard type. Race equipment such as reversible suspension and front and back ball diff. is full load.

Suzuki SX4 WRC (TT-01 Type-E Chassis)

Available : Jun 28, 2008

* From this season full participating to WRC, the sea bass SX4 WRC which shows participating already became the electromotive RC car.
* Modelling the spirit form which the fender front and back projects, equips the large-sized rear wing with high reality. Equipping high brightness LED, light illumination the front and back is possible.
* The chassis the controller bull adopted TT-01 TYPE-E of shaft drive 4WD.

TamTech-Gear 1/12 Porsche 935 Turbo “MARTINI”

Available : Jun 28, 2008

* The same straw raincoat martini stripe is vivid with race/lace. The champion machine of manufacturer world championship 1976 appears even with TamTech-Gear of completion RC.
* Adopts the front inboard suspension the light running of the rear wheel drive GT-01 chassis which the pleasure.
* The flat nose and the front and back over fender, also the body of the force which equips the large-sized rear wing is charm.

TRF – High Performance ESC – VOLAC MS C3

Available : Jun 28, 2008

* High frequency ESC for expert, VOLAC MS version rise.
* New you design the baseplate, renovate also the program.
* アルティメイトブースター, Shottoky and silicon cord attachment.

TRF416 Lower DECK – 2.5mm Thick

Available : Jun 28, 2008

* Changing into 2.25mm thick ロワデッキ of standard equipment, you use.
* High rigidity furthermore pulls out acceleration force, corresponds to high speed race and the high grip road surface.
* The motor cooling hole, equipping the air duct.

Other New Product :

  • TRF – 3x10mm Blue titanium turn buckle shaft
  • TRF – 3x23mm Blue titanium turn buckle shaft
  • TRF – 3x32mm Blue titanium turn buckle shaft
  • TRF – 3x38mm Blue titanium turn buckle shaft
  • TRF – 3x42mm Blue titanium turn buckle shaft
  • TRF – 3x45mm Blue titanium turn buckle shaft
  • TRF – Wrench for blue titanium turn buckle shaft
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup Car Type 997 Spare Body Set
  • Screw Lock
  • DB01 Aluminum Suspension Mount – front
  • DB01 Aluminum Suspension Mount – rear
  • DB01 Aluminum Suspension Block
  • DB01 Motor Heat Sink
  • DB01 Carbon Strengthening Chassis
  • DB01 Aluminum Center one-way Pulley (18T)
  • Martini Porsche 935 Turbo Spare Body Set
  • TB Evolution 5 MS Screw Set (Titanium & Aluminum)

Source : Tamiya

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